Excellent Negotiator – Buying in Mission Viejo

Hilary helped us find our perfect neighborhood in Mission Viejo, and she helped us find and get our perfect house even though it had a competing offer. We were very detailed, picky buyers (we kept multiple spreadsheets!), no HOA, a large backyard with a  view, four bedrooms but a small square footage, established trees, good walkability, and a whole laundry list of other details that are hard to find in south OC. We were also moving here from a different city, so my husband and I didn’t know where in southern OC we wanted to look. Hilary took through many, many different neighborhoods (from San Clemente to Irvine to rural Trabuco Canyon) before we figured out we liked Mission Viejo. She worked with our somewhat unpredictable schedule (we had a toddler in tow), and arranged evening walkthroughs to accommodate for my husband’s work schedule. After months of searching, we found exactly one house that fit all our difficult criteria. It had just gone on the market, and already had an offer placed that morning! The negotiation was where Hilary was truly exceptional – she kept in communication with the seller’s agent to let us and them know what was happening that day while my husband and I made up our minds. She also found out what might be important to the seller (a quick escrow, among other things), to put us in a better negotiating position. Hilary was able to negotiate a fair price that the seller immediately accepted, which was just the teensiest bit above the asking price. The process was very smooth, with no bidding war. My husband and I felt that had it not been for Hilary’s expertise and intuition, we would have either lost the house to the initial competing bid, or paid a far higher price. Hilary was also very friendly and pleasant to work with, and good with kids! I highly recommend working with her

— T. Rameir - Buyer